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If you haven’t viewed the brief video above, then please do so now.

It’s important to you because it explains all about your FREE Introductory Course “10 Fundamental Features of QuickBooks”, where you will learn some of the key functions of QuickBooks so you can:

  • Learn how to set up the administrator’s password in order to secure your QuickBooks company file.
  • Create a service item so you can start invoicing your customers.
  • Create a professional looking invoice to send to your customers.
  • Enter a customer payment so you can record the money received from your customers.
  • Enter a vendor bill so you can keep track of who you owe money.
  • Display a report to show unpaid bills so you can pay your vendor bills on time.
  • Make an item inactive so items that you no longer sell can’t be selected accidentally on invoices.
  • Duplicate transactions to save time when creating invoices.
  • View your company’s financial state in real time … and finally ….
  • Back up your QuickBooks company file to ensure that none of your critical data is lost.

With over 60 years of combined experience teaching in the classroom environment, we are passionate about providing the best online training environment on the market. In this free Introductory Course, you’ll quickly notice that it’s just like attending an actual seminar, but available conveniently online.

Like Executive Assistant/Office Manager Shelley D. who experienced the online training environment while improving her ability to perform key tasks within QuickBooks:

“The OnPoint Software Training learning experience made the learning process easy and comfortable; it allowed me the control of learning what I needed to know and not having to sit through things I already knew. I could watch the videos from the comfort of my home or desk, start and stop to take notes where necessary, and re-watch videos if I needed to down the road. Chris was also an amazing support through the learning experience, and I appreciated her kind demeanor and expertise to get me where I needed to be, quickly.”

Or bookkeeper Joyce B. who learned how easy it is to navigate in QuickBooks:

“OnPoint made it really simple to understand how to navigate in QuickBooks by showing me how to use the workflow arrows on the home page, the various menus, and icons which help make QuickBooks easy to use. And their learning platform is so user friendly.”

There are so many other people that have taken advantage of our QuickBooks Introductory Training Course.

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The choice is yours.

I’ll see you at the training course.


Chris Heaney
Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

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