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OnPoint Software Training Solutions Inc is dedicated to educating their customers while providing excellent service, quality training in the form of online training courses delivered over the internet and quality student documents to help course participants use the skills they have learned during training in their daily business lives.

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In the future, OnPoint Software Training Solutions Inc will focus on innovation and growth in the areas of training and e-learning and will stay responsive to the evolving needs of our customers.

Chris Heaney

Chris Heaney
Intuit Certified ProAdvisor

Chris is an experienced adult educator, published author and subject matter expert of major accounting software packages.

Chris began her career as a computer trainer in the head office of a large Real Estate company in Toronto. It was during this position that Chris realized her passion and enjoyment of teaching adult learners. Chris then went on to computerize the accounting records of the family business on Accpac® Plus® and during her career Chris became a Sage Accpac® Certified Consultant, training various types of businesses by offering one-on-one training.

She continued her teaching career in the Continuing Education Department at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, where she spent ten years training adults on software programs including Accpac Plus, Accpac for Windows® (now Sage Accpac ERP), Simply Accounting®, QuickBooks®, MYOB® and various Microsoft® Office programs. During her years at Mohawk College, Chris was considered the “Accpac Specialist” and was responsible for creating new Accpac courses and updating course outlines as the college upgraded to new versions of the software. When the college moved from teaching Accpac Plus to Accpac for Windows®, Chris created the textbooks that were used in the Accpac for Windows® courses. Subsequently, her textbooks were adopted by Addison Wesley (now Pearson Education Canada) and are updated regularly by Chris as Sage Software releases new educational versions to schools across Canada. Her current Sage Accpac 500 ERP version 5.6 textbook can be found at Pearson Education Canada by clicking here and is taught at various Colleges across Canada.

Chris was also approached by Norbry Publishing to create an MYOB accounting software textbook which was used in various Colleges across Canada. The rights to this textbook were sold to Thompson Nelson however, this textbook was taken off the market when MYOB was no longer sold in Canada.

Chris agreed to become a co-author of Pearson Education Canada’s QuickBooks textbook and update the textbook from version 2005 to 2010. Chris has subsequently updated this textbook to versions 2011 and 2012. As of release 2012, Chris is the only author of this textbook and she will continue to update the textbook as Intuit releases new educational versions to schools across Canada. The current textbook, Using QuickBooks Premier 2012 for Windows, can be found at Pearson Education Canada by clicking here and is taught at various Colleges across Canada.

Chris held a position as a corporate trainer for Accpac International, Inc. (now Sage) for two years where she travelled across North America teaching Sage Accpac ERP courses as well as teaching these classes online. In this position she was also responsible for staying current on the software in order to update course material. Chris then held the position of Manager of Educational Sales for Simply Accounting at Sage where her expertise of the software and knowledge of education allowed her to effectively communicate with and teach educators. Her entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of course design and training are the driving forces behind OnPoint Software Training Solutions Inc, offering high quality live, online and e-learning QuickBooks training courses.

Chris’ education is in accounting, computer programming, computer software, adult learning and business administration. Chris loves her work and looks forward to new challenges that bring opportunities for learning and growth. She looks forward to meeting new students and invites all past students and educators to contact her at chris@onpointsoftwaretraining.com.

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Debbie Baker-Longley

Debbie Baker-Longley
Intuit Certified ProAdvisor

Debbie is an experienced adult educator and subject matter expert of major accounting software packages.

Debbie began her career with the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board in 1980. It was in this position that Debbie realized her passion for computer training while training the office staff how to use computers when they were first introduced to the office. Debbie moved to a private educational institution where she worked as the Senior Guidance Administrator acting as the liaison with Ontario Universities and Colleges and taught Career Studies and Civics to foreign students. During this time, Debbie began teaching part-time at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario in the Continuing Education department and continues teaching there today.

Debbie has taught adults various software packages including Accpac for Windows (now Sage Accpac ERP), Simply Accounting, QuickBooks and all of the Microsoft Office programs. Currently, Debbie is the Accpac Specialist for the Continuing Education Department at Mohawk College where she is responsible for creating new curriculum, assignments and exams for all six Sage Accpac ERP courses. Debbie also teaches the Accpac courses online for OntarioLearn.

In 2000, Debbie accepted a full-time teaching position with Ontario March of Dimes in Brantford, Ontario, teaching their Office Administration program. The program is accredited through Mohawk College and Debbie taught all of the Microsoft Office programs, Simply Accounting, QuickBooks and Sage Accpac ERP.

Debbie’s experience and enthusiasm for teaching adult learners and her knowledge of accounting, computer training and office administration make her an invaluable asset to OnPoint Software Training. Debbie loves teaching and looks forward to the new experiences she will have at OnPoint. She is excited to meet new students and invites all past students and educators to contact her at debbie@onpointsoftwaretraining.com.



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