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OnPoint Software Training offers QuickBooks courses from the comfort of your home or office. Our QuickBooks courses are designed specifically to allow you to get the most out of QuickBooks and since they are available online, you can access them anywhere and anytime.




Learn QuickBooks

This QuickBooks course is our best value! Approximately 28 hours of QuickBooks training!

This QuickBooks course will teach you how to work effectively and efficiently in QuickBooks so you’ll be able to manage the regular day–to–day tasks in QuickBooks with ease. Not only will you learn how to navigate within QuickBooks, customize QuickBooks and find transactions quickly and easily, you’ll learn how to invoice your customers and pay your vendor bills on time! Along the way, you’ll learn how to duplicate, memorize, delete and void transactions whenever necessary, add customers and vendors on the fly during transaction entry and print various QuickBooks reports!

This course includes the following five courses:

  • Navigating in QuickBooks
  • Using Lists in QuickBooks
  • Working with Transactions in QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Sales and Customers
  • QuickBooks Payables and Vendors

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$329.00 CAD

QuickBooks Made Easy | Navigating in QuickBooks

In this course, you’ll learn that QuickBooks is a versatile system that provides various ways to access the information you need. In this course, you’ll be shown how to make QuickBooks easy to navigate using the workflow arrows on the Home page, various menus, QuickBooks Centres and icons.

From time to time, Intuit releases product updates for QuickBooks. It’s important that you install these updates because they may include new features or fix known issues in the software. Because it is important that you know how to install these product updates, we’ll show you how to install them in Lesson 1 of this course.

For easy access to the QuickBooks functions you use most, you’ll learn how to customize the icon bar so it includes icons that are relevant to your business. You’ll also learn some of the keyboard shortcuts that will make working in QuickBooks fast and easy.

  • Understand QuickBooks filenames so you know how to open each file type
  • Keep your QuickBooks program up-to-date by installing the latest product update
  • Work quickly in QuickBooks by knowing how to use the icons on the Home page, the Icon bar and the various menus
  • Change the look of the QuickBooks Desktop for each individual user
  • Save time accessing the forms used most by your business by customizing the Icon bar
  • View, at a glance, your Company’s financial state in real time

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$ 79.00 CAD

QuickBooks Payables and Vendors

In this QuickBooks course, you’ll learn how to manage the payables side of your business and perform the daily tasks of entering and paying vendor bills.

Paying your vendor bills on time and taking advantage of vendor discounts may save your company hundreds of dollars. In this course, we’ll show you a report you can view to determine when vendor bills are due so you can pay them on time. We’ll show you how to set up terms and select them on bills so QuickBooks can calculate the discount if you pay your vendor bills within the discount period.

  • Use the Vendor Centre for fast and easy access to vendor details and transactions
  • Save time by adding various fields in vendor records that will make transaction entry faster
  • Create a bill directly from a Purchase Order
  • Add a vendor type, term and credit limit to vendor records
  • Save money by taking advantage of vendor discounts and paying your vendor bills on time
  • Write Cheques vs Pay Bills. We will show you when you should use the Write Cheques form and when you should use the Pay Bills form to pay vendor bills
  • Know what to do if the printer jams in the middle of printing your cheques

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$99.00 CAD

Reports and Forms

The Report Centre can be used to access most reports in QuickBooks. You can use it to view a sample of each report, view a question the report will answer, review QuickBooks help for information on each report and display the report on the screen. In this course, you’ll learn how to customize QuickBooks reports to include the necessary information required by your business.

QuickBooks includes standard templates that are used to print forms such as invoices, sales receipts, purchase orders, etc. In this course, you’ll learn how to customize them to suit your business.

The standard reports in QuickBooks can be customized to display the information that’s important to your business. In this course, you’ll learn how to customize reports by adding additional fields to reports, filtering the information displayed on the report and changing the fonts for various fields.

Templates are used to print invoices, sales receipts, etc. You’ll learn how to customize templates to include the information you want to display both on the screen and on the printed form.

  • Customize reports to display the information your business needs
  • Save time by memorizing customized reports so you can use them over and over again
  • E-mail reports as Microsoft Excel or PDF documents
  • Quickly find transactions by drilling down to them directly from reports
  • Customize forms by adding logos and company information
  • Choose which fields to display for each form both on the screen and on the printed form
  • Export and import templates from one company file to another
  • Download customized templates created by Intuit

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$99.00 CAD

QuickBooks Sales and Customers

In this QuickBooks course, you’ll learn how to manage the receivables side of your business and perform the daily tasks of invoicing your customers and entering their payments.

In any business, the most important task is knowing how to invoice your customers. Before you can invoice your customers in QuickBooks, you must first create items so we’ll show you how to create them in Lesson 2 of this course. When invoicing your customers, should you enter an invoice or a sales receipt? You’ll learn how to enter both of these transactions in this course.

  • Use the Customer Centre for fast and easy access to customer details and transactions
  • Manage your customers by setting credit limits, adding terms and creating custom fields
  • Create professional looking invoices and e-mail them directly to your customers from QuickBooks
  • Use Customer Sales Tax Codes to ensure that you charge each customer the appropriate tax
  • Prepare for Bank Reconciliation by learning when to post payments to the Undeposited Funds account and when to post payments directly to a bank account

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$99.00 CAD

Using Lists in QuickBooks

In this QuickBooks course, you’ll learn that lists are one of the most important building blocks in QuickBooks which makes this a fundamental course in learning how to use QuickBooks efficiently. In this course you’ll learn that entering detailed information in lists will save you time when entering transactions in QuickBooks by making the data entry efficient and consistent. The fundamental information you learn in this course can be applied to most lists in QuickBooks.

As you enter transactions in QuickBooks, you will rely on lists to populate forms. This course will teach you how to manage the information in your lists so your data entry is accurate. We’ll even show you how to add list entries on the fly during transaction entry so you can continue entering your transaction without leaving the form to enter the information you need.

  • Build detailed lists so the information in each list entry is accurate when you select it on forms
  • Save time by creating list entries on the fly during transaction entry
  • Merge list entries when there are duplications on the same list
  • Delete list entries if the list entry meets the deletion requirements
  • Make list entries inactive so they can’t be selected accidentally on forms
  • Sort list entries so they are displayed in lists according to your requirements
  • Set custom filters so only specific information is displayed on a list
  • Customize the columns in lists to display only the information your business needs in each list

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$99.00 CAD

Working with Transactions in QuickBooks

This course will teach you how to become efficient at finding and working with transactions in QuickBooks. After learning how to protect your QuickBooks company file, you’ll learn how to quickly find transactions and then modify, delete or void them and then view the changes made by each user. We’ll also show you techniques that will help you get your accounting done faster by duplicating and recording transactions with very little effort on your part.

This course should be taken in conjunction with our QuickBooks Sales and Customers course and our QuickBooks Payables and Vendors course.

Your QuickBooks accounting data is important, so we’ll begin by showing you how to secure it. Then you’ll learn how to find transactions in QuickBooks quickly. Once you’ve learned how to find transactions in QuickBooks, you’ll learn how to make corrections to the transactions such as modifying the information in the transaction, deleting or voiding it. You’ll also learn how to save time while working in QuickBooks by duplicating and memorizing transactions.

  • Secure your QuickBooks company file by adding the Administrator’s password
  • Control which areas in QuickBooks each user can access by setting up individual users and with their own user name and password
  • Prevent fraud by viewing reports that show which transactions were changed by each user and when
  • Work efficiently by learning the best way to find a transaction in QuickBooks
  • Save time while working in QuickBooks by duplicating and memorizing transactions
  • Know when vendor bills are due as soon as you open QuickBooks
  • Display transactions while reviewing reports
  • Void transactions so a copy of the transaction remains in QuickBooks

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$99.00 CAD

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