QuickBooks Made Easy | Navigating in QuickBooks

In this course, you’ll learn how to navigate in QuickBooks by understanding the workflow arrows on the Home page, and using various menus, QuickBooks Centres, and icons which help make QuickBooks easy to use. This course will introduce you to the many ways to access forms in QuickBooks so you can determine how you want to work in the system.

Because there are some functions you will use more than others, this course will show you how to customize the icon bar to give yourself quick access to those features. For faster and easier access to QuickBooks functions and data, you will also learn how to use keyboard shortcuts and open windows quickly. Personal preferences are another way to customize your QuickBooks interface. This course will show you what some of those preferences are and how to set them up.

An overview of Live Community, the Company Snapshot and QuickBooks help is also included in this course.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this course will know how to:

  • Open your QuickBooks company file
  • Upgrade from a previous version of QuickBooks
  • Keep QuickBooks up-to-date by installing the latest product update
  • Understand the workflows on the Home page
  • Use keyboard shortcuts while working in QuickBooks
  • Switch between single and multi-user mode when working in a multi-user environment
  • Use the icons on the home page, various menus, QuickBooks Centres and icons to access information and transactions in QuickBooks
  • Use Live Community and QuickBooks help
  • Bring back all one time messages
  • Easily access open windows in QuickBooks
  • Customize some of the personal preferences available in QuickBooks
  • Customize the Icon bar
  • Use the Company Snapshot and set it as the default page when you open QuickBooks
  • Open and understand the various sections of the QuickBooks Customer Centre, Vendor Centre and Report Centre
  • Gain an understanding of Forms, Lists and Registers

Why You Need This QuickBooks Course

This course will introduce you to QuickBooks. It will show you some of the tricks that will help you navigate in QuickBooks quickly and easily. This course is a “must” if you haven’t used QuickBooks before. Even if you aren’t new to QuickBooks, if you haven’t had any formal QuickBooks training, you’re bound to learn something in this course.

From time to time, Intuit releases product updates for QuickBooks. These product updates can include new features or fix known issues in the program. Because of the importance of these product updates, you need to know how to install them. Although QuickBooks is set up to install product updates automatically by default, your firewall may prevent the automatic updates from downloading. We’ll show you how to compare the product update that you have installed with the latest one available and if you don’t have the latest one installed, we’ll show you where you can go to download it.
You’ll be introduced to the various Centres in QuickBooks and be given a brief overview of the Customer centre, the Vendor Centre and the Report Centre. We’ll also introduce you to the Company Snapshot that allows you to view, at a glance, your company’s financial state in real time.

You’ll learn how to work efficiently in QuickBooks by replacing the default icons on the Icon bar to include icons that you use on a regular basis. As you work in QuickBooks, various messages will be displayed warning you of some of your actions. You are able to turn these messages off, but what if you want those warnings to be displayed again later? We’ll show you how to turn those one-time messages back on. You will also be introduced to forms, lists and registers, so you have an understanding of the main components in QuickBooks.


Since these courses do not deal directly with specific and individual requirements, it is recommended that you obtain the necessary advice from an accountant, employer, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor® or such other appropriate expert with regards to your specific requirements or guidelines where necessary.

$ 79.00


No previous QuickBooks experience is required


QuickBooks Pro 2010/2011 (Canadian Edition)

Course length:

Approximately 3 hours


$79.00 + Tax


Each course contains a student document


Participants will interact with various simulations to practice some of the lessons learned in the course

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