QuickBooks Payables and Vendors

The QuickBooks Vendor Centre provides fast and easy access to vendor details and transactions. This QuickBooks course is designed to introduce you to the QuickBooks Vendor Centre and its many functions.

In this QuickBooks course, you will learn how to add and modify vendors and delete them or make them inactive when necessary. You’ll learn how to set up vendors so expense accounts are automatically displayed when you select the vendor on a purchase transaction, making transaction entry easier. You will also learn how to enter vendors “on the fly” during transaction entry.

On the financial side, you will be shown how to enter purchase orders, receive inventory with a bill from one purchase order or multiple purchase orders, receive inventory without a bill and then enter a bill against the received inventory. You’ll learn how to view open purchase orders, view transactions applied to purchase orders and close purchase orders that are no longer needed. You’ll also learn how to print and e-mail purchase orders. You’ll learn how to make vendor payments including partial payments and payments with a discount.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this QuickBooks course will know how to: 

  • Understand the Accounts Payable workflows and remove unnecessary activities
  • Access vendor information and transactions in the Vendor Centre
  • Set up vendors and enter vendors “on the fly” during transaction entry
  • Add a vendor type, term and credit limit to vendor records
  • Create custom fields and account prefill information in vendor records
  • Understand how to enable and use vendor tax codes
  • Set up preferences that will activate purchase orders
  • Enter bills, including bills with multiple expense accounts
  • Enter purchase orders
  • Receive inventory with a bill from one purchase order and multiple purchase orders
  • Receive inventory without a bill
  • Enter a bill against received inventory
  • Enter, print and e-mail purchase orders
  • Pay vendor bills using the Write Cheques form
  • Print cheques and learn what to do with cheques that don’t print successfully
  • Print various Vendors & Payables and Purchases reports

Why You Need This QuickBooks Course

This course introduces the QuickBooks functions that pertain to vendors and purchases. If you know how to add customers in QuickBooks, the interface for adding vendors will be familiar, although it is not identical. In this course you will learn how to add vendors and understand the various fields specific to vendors – the vendor type, payment terms, credit limit, vendor tax codes and account prefill information. You will also gain a complete understanding of how to use the QuickBooks Vendor Centre to add and modify vendor information and various transactions.

Purchase orders enable you to keep detailed records of the products and quantities you ordered. When shipments arrive, you can use the purchase order to compare the order to the actual items received and automatically convert the purchase order to a bill. This course shows you how to generate and modify purchase orders, and how to e-mail or print them.

QuickBooks contains many options to help you manage your bills. This course discusses how to enter vendor bills in QuickBooks and make full payment, partial payments or payments with a discount. You’ll also learn when to use the Write Cheques form to pay vendor bills.

Lastly, this course reviews reports pertaining to Vendors & Payables,  Purchases and Expense reports. You’ll also learn how to print the Missing Cheques report which will show duplicate cheques and indicate where cheques are missing.


Since these courses do not deal directly with specific and individual requirements, it is recommended that you obtain the necessary advice from an accountant, employer, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor® or such other appropriate expert with regards to your specific requirements or guidelines where necessary.

$99.00 CAD


or equivalent knowledge


QuickBooks Pro 2010/2011 (Canadian Edition)

Course length:

Approximately 8 hours


$99.00 + Tax


Each course includes a student document.


Participants will interact with various simulations to practice some of the lessons learned in the course.

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