QuickBooks Reports and Forms

Reports vary from company to company. Although QuickBooks provides standard reports available for you to print, it is possible to customize them to include the information that your business needs. You can choose how to display the information on the report, how the information should be filtered, what the header and footer should look like on the report, which fonts should be used for various information and how negative numbers should be displayed.

In addition to reports, QuickBooks provides standard templates that are used to display forms in QuickBooks. Like reports, the information that needs to be displayed on forms varies from business to business. You can modify standard forms such as the invoice or sales receipt to include the information required by your company such as including a logo or specific company information. You may want to display different information on the printed form that you send to your customer than the information displayed on the form in QuickBooks. You can also save time by downloading templates that Intuit has already created for you.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this course will know how to: 

  • Set the Reports & Graphs preferences
  • Access reports from the Report Centre and the Reports menu
  • Select the information displayed on reports and how it should be filtered
  • Change the header and footer information displayed on reports
  • Change the font for various labels and titles on the report
  • Select how numbers and negative numbers are displayed on reports
  • Save reports as pdf documents and export reports to Microsoft Excel
  • Include custom fields on reports
  • E-mail reports as Microsoft Excel or PDF documents
  • Print reports
  • Drill down to transactions directly from reports
  • Memorize, edit and process memorized reports
  • Edit a form template
  • Select which information is displayed on the screen and which information is displayed on the printed form
  • Use the Layout Designer to move fields on a form template
  • Export and import templates from one QuickBooks company file to another
  • Download templates created by Intuit

Why You Need This QuickBooks Course

All businesses need to print reports, whether it’s as simple as a list of your customers or a financial statement required by your accountant. QuickBooks makes reporting easy, by including standard reports. But what if the standard report doesn’t include all the information your business needs, or what if the report isn’t sorted exactly how you need it to be sorted. Not only will this course introduce you to the Report Centre, it will also show you how to customize reports to include the information you need.

QuickBooks also includes standard templates that can be used to print invoices, sales receipts, purchase orders, etc. Just like reports, every business has different needs when it comes to what information should be included on the form. For example, if you’re using plain paper to print your invoices, you’ll probably want to include your company logo and company information, but if that information is already pre-printed on your invoices, you won’t want QuickBooks to print it. In this course, you’ll learn how to customize the templates to include only the information that you want to display on both the screen and the printed form.


Since these courses do not deal directly with specific and individual requirements, it is recommended that you obtain the necessary advice from an accountant, employer, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor® or such other appropriate expert with regards to your specific requirements or guidelines where necessary.

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QuickBooks Pro 2010/2011 (Canadian Edition)

Course length:

Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes


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Each course includes a student document.


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