Using Lists in QuickBooks

Imagine if you had to enter your customer’s full name and address every time you generated an invoice. Imagine if you mistyped the postal code, or entered the wrong contact name. QuickBooks lists prevent all of those potential problems. Those problems could happen to you often, if you don’t learn how to use QuickBooks lists to their fullest capacity.

With QuickBooks lists, you create a detailed record for each item in the list. With the details recorded once, all you need to do while entering forms is select the information from a list. QuickBooks will automatically populate the fields in the form you are using, based on the initial data you entered in the list. You’ll also be shown how to enter list entries “on-the-fly” during transaction entry. Lists ensure that data entry is fast, consistent and correct.

The way you set up and edit lists depends on the list type. There are two types of lists: lists found in QuickBooks Centres and lists found in List windows. We’ll demonstrate how to work with these different types of lists by using the Customers & Jobs list, the Vendors list and the Other Names list. The fundamental information that you learn in this course on how to use lists will be relevant for all other lists in QuickBooks. This course will review how to set up and edit information in each type of list.

This course will show you the importance of entering detailed information in lists so that the information can be used elsewhere in QuickBooks. You will learn how to add, modify, delete, hide, merge, sort, move and print the information in lists. You’ll also learn how to use custom filters in QuickBooks Centre lists and customize the list columns.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this course will know how to:

  • View the number of lists in your QuickBooks company file
  • View lists available in List windows
  • View lists available in QuickBooks Centres
  • Add, modify, delete, hide, merge, sort, and move the information in lists
  • Enter list entries “on-the-fly” during transaction entry
  • Move entries from the Other Names list
  • Sort lists using custom filters
  • Resize list columns
  • Customize list columns
  • Print various list reports directly from lists and from the Report Centre

Why You Need This QuickBooks Course

QuickBooks is an accounting system, but at its heart is a database that stores all of your customers, vendors, jobs, items, transactions and more.

The key to using a database successfully is consistency in data entry. If data is not entered correctly, it cannot be retrieved, viewed and reported efficiently. When you add an entry to a QuickBooks list, you are creating a record that can be used time and again in data entry and reporting.

Various list functions are discussed in this course, including sorting lists, merging list entries, and marking list entries inactive. This course will also show you how to generate a report from a list so you can review the entries on your list.

Lists are a fundamental function and are essential to efficient use of QuickBooks. Learn all you need to know about lists in this course, so you can maximize your use of the entire QuickBooks system.


Since these courses do not deal directly with specific and individual requirements, it is recommended that you obtain the necessary advice from an accountant, employer, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor® or such other appropriate expert with regards to your specific requirements or guidelines where necessary.

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QuickBooks Pro 2010/2011 (Canadian Edition)

Course length:

Approximately 5 hours and 15 minutes


$99.00 + Tax


Each course includes a student document.


Participants will interact with a simulation to practice some of the lessons learned in the course

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