Working with Transactions in QuickBooks

To work efficiently in QuickBooks, you need to access information quickly and easily. We’ll begin this course by learning various ways to find transactions quickly in QuickBooks. If a customer calls and wants information about an invoice, can you find the invoice quickly while the customer waits on the phone? This course will teach you the best method to use in order to find the information you’re looking for quickly in QuickBooks.

Once you’ve learned how to find transactions in QuickBooks, you’ll learn how to make corrections such as modifying the information in the transaction, deleting or voiding it. You’ll also learn the implications of deleting and voiding transactions. It may be important to you to control which users can make transaction changes and deletions in your QuickBooks company file, so we’ll show you how to set up users to control these tasks. We’ll also show you the report you can view that will tell you exactly who has made changes to transactions in QuickBooks.

You can save time while working in QuickBooks by memorizing transactions and having QuickBooks automatically enter them for you based on the criteria you set up. You’ll learn the different options that are available when creating memorized transactions and you’ll see how QuickBooks handles each one of them. You’ll also learn how to duplicate transactions so you can create a transaction for a different customer or vendor based on one that has already been entered in QuickBooks.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this course will know how to:

  • Use various methods to find transactions in QuickBooks
  • Modify the preferences that affect transactions
  • Set the administrator’s password and add new users
  • Correct transactions before and after they are recorded
  • Void transactions
  • Reverse a voided transaction
  • Delete transactions
  • Display the Voided/Deleted transaction reports
  • Display the audit trail
  • Create duplicate transactions
  • Memorize transactions
  • View the memorized transaction list
  • Record memorized transactions
  • Memorize a group of transactions

Why You Need This QuickBooks Course

In order to be as efficient as you can in your day-to-day QuickBooks tasks, you need to find information quickly and easily. Your time is valuable and when you need information from your accounting system, you need to know how to get it fast! This course will show you many ways to find transactions in QuickBooks so you’ll know where to look for the information you need and how to find it quickly.

You’ll see how easy it is to modify information in QuickBooks so if you make a mistake after recording a transaction you’ll know how to fix it. You’ll learn when you might want to delete or void a transaction and you’ll know how to perform both tasks.

If you enter transactions on a regular basis, why not set them up once and have QuickBooks record them automatically for you? You’ll learn how to memorize and duplicate transactions so they can be entered with little effort on your part. You’ll be able to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time while using these features.


Since these courses do not deal directly with specific and individual requirements, it is recommended that you obtain the necessary advice from an accountant, employer, QuickBooks® ProAdvisor® or such other appropriate expert with regards to your specific requirements or guidelines where necessary.

$99.00 CAD


or equivalent knowledge


QuickBooks Pro 2010/2011 (Canadian Edition)

Course length:

Approximately 4.5 hours


$99.00 + Tax


Each course includes a student document.


Participants will interact with a number of simulations to practice some of the lessons learned in the course.

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